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Remote hand services from Boston Remote Hands offers a flexible remote hand service when you need. With our services we are an extension of your staff and we work well with your team.


Ongoing: Maintenance and hourly block purchase. This service allows for one technician to perform any task below that you require.
Hourly: Preplanned 48 hour notice hourly work which includes rack and stack and all of our items listed below.
Emergency: Our emergency service is used for emergencies or on call rotation.


  • Rack and Stack (Servers and Switches)
  • Reading out, describing, or reporting on a display or indicator lights
  • Hot swapping hard disks
  • Checking cables
  • Power-cycling, resetting or rebooting equipment
  • Receiving goods sent and un-packaging and delivering to cage or cabinet
  • Swapping hard drives, memory, RAM, motherboards, CPU's, and RAID cards
  • Installing or removing OS or software
  • Recurring maintenance/actions

  • Please email sales to see if your request falls into this category.

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Boston Remote Hands fills the gap between your staff and what you need done and when you need it.

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