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Have you or your organization worked with a Dell, Supermicro, ZT, IBM, Lenovo or HPE technician from a 3rd party and had issues? Has the tech powered down systems without authorization or always needed the manual rather than their own expertise. Have they showed up with the wrong part, and had no troubleshooting experiance or to top it off NOT allowed to troubleshoot? These are the most common types of techs you may dislike in your datacenters. Sometimes you are allowed to pick your 3rd party vendor and extend your contract with Boston Remote Hands. If your looking to pick us vs. your existing tech, please email our sales team and we can do the leg work.

    How it works.

    • 1. You perform all basic troubleshooting and identify part needing to be replaced.
    • 2. You submit part replacement with server vendor.
    • 3. Ship part to your datacenter or have your server vendor allow us to pickup the part from warehouse (courier).
    • 4. You place your system in maintenance mode or assure its powered off.
    • 5. Our technician comes onsite and replaces the part and assures proper replacement and functionality.

    • - During all the stages of the work, we will ensure proper communication with your team, get the job done and do it correctly.

    • Tech Replacement can also be utilized daily for multiple part replacements and an extension of our Basic Remote Hands service.

  • Please email sales to see if your request falls into this category.

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